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Economics and Management Department

Welcome to the Department of Economics and Management!

The contribution of the Department of Economics and Management to the educational, scientific and cultural project of Portucalense University is based (i) on the outstanding quality of its educational offer, invariably in tune with changing demands in the labour market, and (ii) on the centrality of research, standing in tight articulation with education.

At the education level, there is an unconditional commitment to prepare fully qualified, autonomous, professionals, capable of responding to real and complex problems, taking initiative, handling risk, innovating, and leading in a global context. This ambitious commitment presupposes a highly qualified teaching staff both in scientific and pedagogical terms, a strong liaison with the business community, the design of (extra)curricular initiatives capable of promoting soft skills, a close relationship between lecturer and student, and the employment of diverse and student-focused teaching-learning methodologies. The scientific research component is reinforced in the 2nd cycle and especially in the 3rd cycle, with the master's and doctoral students being part of the multidisciplinary research centre REMIT - Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies, thereby enabling students, likewise lecturers, to successfully contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

The Department of Economics and Management is a global one, with its educational offer in English, its engagement in international research activities, and numerous partnerships with other higher education institutions under the Erasmus + program, encouraging the mobility of students and lecturers. This is also an open Department that cooperates with other institutions and the business community, and that privileges the transfer of knowledge to society, either by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops open to the community, or by incorporating in its educational offer several advanced training actions.


Shital Jayantilal(PhD), Director of the Economics and Management Departament

Bachelor Programmes

BE in Economics (not available in english)
BSc in Management  (available in english)
BSc in Marketing  (available in english)

MPhil Programmes

MPHil in Management (available in english)
MPhil in Marketing and Digital Business (available in english)


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