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Degree programme: MSc Faculty: Economics and  Management Department
Mode: Full-time Start in: October
Credits: 120 Duration: 4 Semesters
Vacancies: 30 (a minimum number of students is required)  






Programme Coordinator

Joana Carvalho (PhD)


Digital Business and Business Digitization

In recent years, the digital universe has acquired an unquestionable social and economic preponderance. New consumers with access to unlimited information are no longer a passive agent, they are active interlocutors who seek and construct more convenient solutions. More immediate, more conscious and informed consumers demand faster and more flexible solutions and responses. These consumers challenge a conventional marketing approach and the way to do business.

Management and businesses has been suffering from indelible changes as a result of technological advances. On the one hand, there is an uprise of technology-based business, but also the need to incorporate the potentialities and characteristics of new technologies in management models.

Therefore, a digitization of new and existing businesses is no longer an option but an inevitability. As companies and institutions need to respond to this challenge of the global and digital age, with a new business culture led by new managers.

In response to the challenges posed by the increasingly digital environment and the need for companies and businesses to incorporate these trends, the MPhil in Marketing and Digital Business provide a training that balances the ability to master the methods and tools of approach to the market, skills to develop businesses in in global context, and the application of technological potential on business. 




  1.  To design and implement solutions to support the creation of digital businesses in the global world;
  2.  To design and implement solutions that provide for integration of the digital dimension in traditional business models;
  3.  To integrate and promote a culture of innovation in the business context;
  4.  To adopt a philosophy of marketing onto businesses development and management;
  5.  To integrate the technological tools in businesses management, including collection, organization, analysis, development and dissemination of information; 
  6.  To solve business and marketing problems in the digital environment by making use of scientific research methods and techniques, communicating and defending clearly the proposed solutions;
  7.  To know how to use and select digital tools to support marketing and new business models.

Why choose this course


McKinsey & Company, a reputed international consultant, says in a recent study* on the digital economy that "bold, tightly integrated digital strategies will be what distinguishes winning companies, and the greatest returns will go to those who start digital disruptions." The consultancy concludes by suggesting that companies should act decisively in both the creation of digital businesses and the digitization of existing business models.

The only MPhil to offer a blend between marketing, business and digital

The MPhil in Marketing and Digital Business responds to this challenge and need. The combination of marketing, business, and digital presents itself as the differentiating aspect compared to other offers at MPhil level. With the skills acquired during this training, the student will be able to develop and operationalize business strategies capable of meeting the challenges of the digital economy.

Thought and Action; Strategy and Operations in a single MPhil degree

The content reflects this innovative approach combining key themes for strategic design - such as strategy, consumer trends, strategic and operational marketing and brand management - with themes that enable the strategy to be implemented - such as integrated communication in digital media, marketing Intelligence, analytical marketing, digital labs, and e-commerce.

Know more, Do More, Experience more

The learning strategy focuses on the learner and the experiential dimension of learning, focusing on learn-by-doing, problem solving and best practices seminars. In the final part of the MPhil, in addition to the dissertation, the possibility of choosing an internship or a project allows not only the contact with the business reality, but also the possibility of developing innovative ideas with business potential.

* The case for digital reinvention (Jacques Bughin, Laura LaBerge, and Anette Mellbye), McKinsey & Company, February 2017

Career prospects

How far do you want to go?

The World Economic Forum predicts that some future professions do not exist today. But with combined preparation in the areas of marketing, business, and digital, the possibilities that open up are innumerable. Prepare for the future ...

Jobs related with the marketing and digital areas of public and private, for-profit and non-profit organizations, namely:


Admission requirements

·         Bachelor level degree in Management, Economics or any related area

·         English language requirements

·         Evaluation of the CV

·         An interview (live or Skype)


Diplomas and Certificates

MPhil in Marketing and Digital Business
Specialization Course in Marketing and Digital Business


Study plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Corporate Strategy 5
Study of Consumer and Consumer Trends 5
Marketing Analytics 5
Strategic and Operational Marketing 6
Digital Labs 4
Commercial and Sales Administration (optional) 5
Management International Business (optional) 5

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Ecommerce 4
Communication Integrated in Digital Media 5
Brand Management 6
Marketing Intelligence 5
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4
Projects Management (optional) 6
Reasearch Methodologies (optional) 6

2nd year


Course Unit


Dissertation/Intership/Project 60 





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