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Masters in Educational Sciences

Masters in Educational Sciences (MESc)

Message from the program coordinator

The MESc aims to be a model in higher education institutions, ensuring a flexible, practical and competence-based curriculum. Working towards these purposes presents a qualified and motivated teaching and non-teaching staff, always ready to help when needed. This degree covers topics and highly relevant issues for the understanding of social and educational processes in advanced modernity, in a logic of a valued and complementary specialization to the training previously developed. On the other hand, the pedagogical and research environment involves directly the students, promoting their innovation, reflection, autonomy and the improvement of both technical and transversal competences that respond to the interdisciplinary exchange required nowadays. If you are looking for an updated and excellent training opportunity, grab the challenge of studying with us and of becoming more enriched both personally and professionally!

Maria das Dores Formosinho, PhD in Educational Sciences-specialized in Curriculum Development


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Admission requirements



Program content

The MESc enables students to critically reflect on educational, political and ideological assumptions that guide the new socio-communitarian intervention paradigms, and to analyze the implications of educational and social policies for professional practice, recognizing the epistemic-scientific framework of operational concepts in the models of community development and promotion of individual skills, developing heuristic skills that enable to further research in the fields of education and socio-communitarian intervention.


Study plan

1st year, 1st semester

Course Unit

Scientific Research Methodology
Models and Practices of Community Intervention
Models of Communication in Education
Specialization Seminars

 1st year, 2nd semester

Course Unit

Ethics and Humanism
Research and Emerging Issues
Community Intervention Program Evaluation
Social Inclusion Procedures in Risk Groups



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