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Degree programme: MSc Faculty: Economics and  Management Department
Mode: Full-time Start in: October
Credits: 120 Duration: 4 Semesters
Vacancies: 30 (a minimum number of students is required)  






Programme Coordinator

Isabel Maldonado (PhD)

Programme Content Presentation

The academy and the businesses together in the teaching of ManagementThe learning process in the MPhil in Management is developed underlining the linkage between academic excellence and the reality of the business world, including a large set of classes in Seminar format, presenting cases of diverse key organizations across different industries, promoting valuable networking opportunities and enhancing students’ job placement possibilities. The contact with organizations and business practice, in the academic context, advances the development of managerial skills essential to run one’s one firm and/or to make a significant contribution to the business arena, through global, integrated and differentiated understanding of the key functional areas of the firms.

At the forefront of knowledge

The structure of the MPhil in Management was adapted to respond to the demands and challenges that our increasingly global e digital world poses, where the call for new business models and tools is a constant. Aiming to train managers who will make a difference in the firms and organizations, the study plan of the MPhil in Management, contemplates prominent and trendy topics such as: conceptualization, structuring and analysis of social media, the use of business intelligence in management, crowdfunding; venture capital; disruptive open technological innovation, amongst others.

The course offers 120 ECTs and has two year duration. The classes will be concentrated in year 1, which is divided into 2 semesters each with 30 ECTs. The remaining 60 ECTs are obtained in year 2, when the candidate will focus on a particular management topic in-depth and autonomously, while benefiting from the necessary guidance of dedicated supervisors at UPT. This will be done either via dissertation, or curricular traineeship or project work.

Why choose this Course

Current challenges facing organizations demand management professionals fully qualified in the different functional areas, capable of promoting their alignment and of thinking business models and practices strategically, analytically and critically. Thus, the MPhil in Management was designed for those seeking to leave their mark in the business market. It is provides the tools and skills for those seeking to start a career in management but also for those already in the bus those in pursuit of promotion. This is so, as it not only it provides the necessary conceptual framework in order to develop skills for effective decision ­making on the key variables of business management, but also it addresses the most cutting edge topics in this field of knowledge, invariably seeking to integrate theory and practice through myriad lecturing hours under the format of seminars for case reports, and through employment of teaching methodologies that encourage critical appraisal of the addressed topics. The course’s study plan broadly covers the main qualitative and quantitative areas of Management, thereby fostering skills transferable for a variety of positions in any industry.

Career Prospects

All management fields, at companies, nonprofit organizations, and public bodies.


Knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the students are:


(http://remit.upt.pt/), research centre behind the MPhil in Management, every year presents the ongoing research projects within which master dissertations or course projects can be carried out.

Admission requirements


Upon completion of the 60 ECTS assigned to the taught curricular units over two semesters (Year 1), students will graduate with a MSc in management. To earn a MPhil in management students will have to successfully complete one of the following in order to obtain another 60 ECTS, thereby bringing their total to 120 ECTS:

Any of the above should take one year to complete (Year 2).


Study plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Corporate Strategy 5
Financial Management 6
Corporate Marketing 5
Theory of Organizations 4
International Business 5
Decision Supporting Systems 5

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4
Reports and Accounts Analysis 6
Management of Operations and Value Chain 5
Human Resources Management 5
Labor Law (optional) 4
Business Law (optional) 4
Projects Management (optional) 6
Research Methodology (optional) 6

2nd year


Course Unit


Dissertation/Internship Report/Project work 60





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