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MPhil in Management

Message from the program coordinator

Today’s challenges require managers to fully understand how the functional areas of business fit together, and to think strategically, analytically and critically about business models and practices. The UPT Master in Management was designed for those seeking to make their mark in the labour world, whether kick-starting a career or simply seeking to boost it, as it enhances core management skills by focusing on advanced recurring business related themes. Both key qualitative and quantitative areas of management are extensively covered providing students with the transferable skills to take into a variety of job roles in any industry sector. Furthermore, the UPT Master in Management provides sound knowledge in research methodologies featuring prominent methods of data collection as well as data analysis.

Ana Paula Silva (PhD)


Admission requirements

·         Bachelor level degree in Management, Economics or any related area

·         Minimum English Proficiency level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: B2 – Independent - Vantage or upper intermediate

·         Evaluation of the CV

An interview (live or Skype)

Program Content/ Presentation

The MPhil in management is a degree which allows the candidate to focus on a particular management topic in-depth and independently, though benefiting from the necessary guidance of dedicated supervisors at UPT. To earn this degree, students will have to select one of the following to bring their total to 120 ECTS (the MPhil itself accounts for 60 ECTS implying students will have acquired the remaining 60 ECTS during the Master in Management): 

-       To write a dissertation;

-       To undergo a curricular traineeship from which to draw a final report; or

-       To complete a course project.

Any of the above should take no longer than one year.

Writing a dissertation means pursuing research on a management topic which somehow contributes to both theory and practice. Accomplished researchers are highly demanded not only in academia but also in the wider business environment. By writing a dissertation students demonstrate their ability to select and implement appropriate methodologies for business research. This could also be seen as a precursor to a PhD. Alternatively, students may opt to be getting further hands-on experience by undergoing a traineeship, or they may prefer to complete an assigned project.

Candidates holding a five-year undergraduate degree and having acquired more than a five-year work experience in the chosen management specialism area may require a detailed report on their professional experience to be considered as a substitute. 



Study plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Corporate Strategy 5
Projects Management (optional) 6
Financial Management 6
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4
Corporate Marketing 5
Research Methodology (optional) 6
Theory of Organizations 4

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Reports and Accounts Analysis 6
Labor Law (optional) 4
Business Law (optional) 4
Management of Operations and Value Chain 5
Human Resources Management 5
International Business 5
Decision Supporting Systems 5

2nd year


Course Unit


Dissertation/Project/Traineeship 60




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