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Degree programme: MPhil Faculty: Economics and Management  Department
Mode: Full-time Start in: September
Credits: 120 Duration: 4 Semesters
Vacancies: 30  






Message from the program coordinator

Today’s challenges require managers to fully understand how the functional areas of business fit together, and to think strategically, analytically and critically about business models and practices. The UPT MPhil in Management was designed for those seeking to make their mark in the labour world, whether kick-starting a career or simply seeking to boost it, as it enhances core management skills by focusing on advanced recurring business related themes. Both key qualitative and quantitative areas of management are extensively covered providing students with the transferable skills to take into a variety of job roles in any industry sector. Furthermore, the UPT MPhil in Management provides sound knowledge in research methodologies featuring prominent methods of data collection as well as data analysis. 

Ana Paula Silva (PhD)

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Knowledge, skills and competences to be developed by the students are:

To analyse and respond to strategic challenges;

To build a portfolio of clients and reach new markets;

To build objective-oriented organizational cultures;

To implement assertiveness and strategy in internal / external communication;

To identify, evaluate and implement investment opportunities in a national or international context;

To interpret and use financial information;

To effectively manage relationships with stakeholders;

To select and employ the most suitable means of data collection, analysis and synthesis with a view to decision making;

To understand the interconnection between the various dimensions of management, while promoting their alignment;

To overcome internal/external organizational conflicts/inefficiencies;

To implement research as a problem-solving tool;

Written-communication skills;

Critical and reflective capacity;

Self-learning ability throughout life.


Why choose this course


Current challenges facing organizations demand management professionals fully qualified in the different functional areas, capable of promoting their alignment and of thinking business models and practices strategically, analytically and critically. Thus, the MPhil in Management was designed for those seeking to leave their mark in the labour market, either at the beginning of a career or in pursuit of promotion: not only it provides the necessary conceptual framework in order to develop skills for effective decision ­making on the key variables of business management, but also it addresses the most cutting edge topics in this field of knowledge, invariably seeking to integrate theory and practice through myriad lecturing hours under the format of seminars for case reports, and through employment of teaching methodologies that encourage critical appraisal of the addressed topics. The course’s study plan broadly covers the main qualitative and quantitative areas of Management, thereby fostering skills transferable for a variety of positions in any industry.

The Master in Management further aims to provide a base for scientific research either in an organizational context or in later Mphil/doctoral studies. The MPhil in Management is an opportunity to consolidate and enhance core competences developed during the MSc in management, on a specific area that meets the student’s best interests.




      Rashid Ali

It's been shallow while teaching under business administrative persona in Saudi Arabia and always a need to learn about how Management strategies move throughout an institution excited me. Learning with a diversified community adds flavour to knowledge, instruction from all time youthful in the effort but experienced in mental approach makes learning awesome. That's what I got in UPT! My zero background in financial and economic studies does not bother the professors rather they enrich me with an integrated approach to teaching and compassion. With no flattery at all, I really found a new dimension of learning in the Masters of Management. As one of my teacher, Prof. Zoe A., here mentioned wisely, 'It chooses you" and I should say proudly 'it' is an amazing experience.

Career prospects


All management fields, at companies, nonprofit organizations, and public bodies.


Admission requirements

·         Bachelor level degree in Management, Economics or any related area

·         English language requirements

·         Evaluation of the CV

·         An interview (live or Skype)


Diplomas and Certificates

Upon completion of the 60 ECTS assigned to the taught curricular units over two semesters (Year 1), students will graduate with a MSc in management. To earn a MPhil in management students will have to select one of the following that accounts for another 60 ECTS, thereby bringing their total to 120 ECTS:

To write a dissertation;

To undergo a curricular traineeship from which to draw a final report;

To complete a course project.

Any of the above should take one year long (Year 2).


Program Content/ Presentation

Upon completion of 60 ECTS over one year (two semesters), students will graduate with a thorough and integrated understanding of the main business functional areas. The UPT MPhil in Management programme stems from a twofold purpose: (i) to provide advanced management skills required to successfully run one’s own company and/or to make a significant contribution to today’s business world; and (ii) to offer a route towards MPhil in Management for students undertaking a further year to write a dissertation, to undergo a curricular traineeship from which to draw a final report, or to complete a course project.

The MPhil in management is a degree which allows the candidate to focus on a particular management topic in-depth and autonomously, while benefiting from the necessary guidance of dedicated supervisors at UPT.

Study plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Corporate Strategy 5
Projects Management (optional) 6
Financial Management 6
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 4
Corporate Marketing 5
Research Methodology (optional) 6
Theory of Organizations 4

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Reports and Accounts Analysis 6
Labor Law (optional) 4
Business Law (optional) 4
Management of Operations and Value Chain 5
Human Resources Management 5
International Business 5
Decision Support Systems 5

2nd year, Annual


Course Unit


Dissertation / Project work / Internship 60





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