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Degree programme: BE Faculty:  Economics and Management Department
Mode: Full-time Start in: September
Credits: 180 Duration: 3 years
Vacancies: 170 (a minimum number of students is required)  





Programme Coordinator

Nuno Azevedo (PhD)


In an increasingly complex and demanding business world, it comes by no surprise a fierce labour market where only the most proficient succeed. Tailored to fit this reality, the main commitment of our Bachelor of Science in Management is to build on the skills employers look for to get our graduates best positioned to an outstanding career in a variety of settings, including but not limited to public or private companies, banking, insurance, or consulting. Our management programme while retaining its focus is sufficiently broad to allow graduates to attune it with the areas of management that interests them most. Teaching staff are at the forefront of their field thereby delivering cutting edge knowledge on the full range of management subjects from finance to marketing. 


Objectives and Programme Content

It is intended, through the training programme underlying the Bachelor of Science in Management, to develop the following technical and behavioral skills:

To evidence management skills especially directed towards the multiple dimensions and requirements of SMEs management;

To solve problems in the context of organizations’ management and administration;

To develop techniques and competencies by means of management decision-making supporting methodologies;

To employ quantitative analysis tools to convert information into knowledge appropriate to the settlement of corporate issues;

To compare and evaluate theories, methods and alternative models for handling business management problems;

To conduct and analyse business feasibility studies, business economic and financial performance studies, as well as any reports or maps of accounting or financial nature;

To be able to communicate either in writing or verbally, managing to perform effective presentations to different audiences and to meld well into working teams while respecting cultural differences.

Why choose this course

The Bachelor programme in management offers its graduates an integrated and sequential education which translates into a learning path progressively oriented towards professional autonomous practice and exemplary citizenship. In particular, it seeks to ensure: the development of competencies in the field of business sciences; the use of economic analysis tools in business context; the interdisciplinary education as drawn from the scientific areas of Law, Mathematics, Statistics and Computers, basal to successfully perform a business activity. The mandatory internship in the course study plan promotes a labour market oriented training and further skills to enhance employability.

Career prospects

This degree seeks to prepare competent professionals fully entitled to perform activities in both myriad sectors and myriad positions, either in industry, trade or services:

- Executive staff of public and private companies, of banking and insurance companies, of central, regional or local administration;

- Financial and tax consultants;

- Accountants;

- Auditors;

- Marketing specialists;

- Human resources practitioners.

Admission requirements

·         High school or Bachelor level degree

·         Minimum English Proficiency level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: B2 – Independent - Vantage or upper intermediate

·         Evaluation of the CV

·         An interview (live or Skype)

Program Content/ Presentation

Portucalense University offers a Bachelor of Science in Management since 1986, having contributed to the education of hundreds of managers who now occupy a wide-ranging spectrum of positions in business, finance and public administration. On bringing together a solid background in business sciences with a broad set of cross curricular units, the study programme fosters the relevant skills for graduates to kick off their professional career. 

Syllabus contents have been updated to be invariably aligned with companies’ expertise demands and needs, and hands-on experience is promoted by an internship as part of the Bachelor’s study plan. Both of these feed into an increasing employability rate and a tighter connection with the business market.

Study Plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


General Accounting 6
Mathematics 6
Economics and Management Support Techniques 4
Corporate Organization 5
Microeconomics 6
Economic Law 3

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Financial Accounting 5
Information and Knowledge Society 3
Microeconomic Analysis of Markets 6
Corporate Planning 5
Statistics 5
Macroeconomics 6

2nd year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Corporate Finance 5
Tax Law 4
Analytical Accounting 5
Industrial Economics and Regulation 5
Monetary and Financial Economics 5
Quantitative Methods 6

2nd year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Financial Markets 5
Management Accounting 4
Financial and Project Analysis 6
Taxation 4
International Finance 5
International Business Management 5

3rd year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Marketing 5
Human Resources Management 5
Strategic Management 5
Entrepreneurship 5
Information Systems for Management 5
Optional Curricular Units 5

3rd year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Management Control 5
Innovation Economics and Management 5
Commercial Management 5
Internship 10
Optional Curricular Units 5




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