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Erasmus Students: please refer to this page for the information that's relevant to you.

Message from the Head of Department

The Department of Economics, Management and Informatics (DEGI) is currently responsible for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd cycle and post-graduate courses in Economics, Management and Information Technology. Its education offer includes innovative courses that cross different areas of knowledge, some of which are pioneer courses in Portugal.

The department, aware of the great challenges of today's world, is engaged in providing its students skills for an increasingly global and competitive world, enabling them to acquire  knowledge as well as professional, social and personal skills, so that they can achieve autonomously their learning outcomes, entrepreneurial attitude and sense of responsibility.

To this end, the department has developed partnerships with several companies, organizations in the public sector and national and international higher education institutions, offers several extracurricular activities and ensures the periodic restructuring and adaptation of the courses’ study plans to the labor market. Furthermore, it has a qualified teaching staff, mostly with PhD degrees in leading universities and introducing both a dynamic and plurality of views that enrich education. The department has boosted research and is involved in various projects and activities that address the technical and scientific needs of today's society.

DEGI has a consolidated experience of internationalization, not only within its participation in the Erasmus program, being the UPT department with the highest number of visiting students and with several projects developed in this context, but also due to its participation in teaching  activities in higher education institutions of Portuguese-speaking countries.

The wellness environment that is lived and felt in the department, the high rate of employability of the courses provided, the strong connection to businesses and the updated and innovative education offer constitute a great choice for any student willing to continue his higher level education studies within the intervention areas of DEGI.

Now that you already know what we do, I invite you to know us better; I and my department colleagues will be willing to host you.

Filomena Castro Lopes (PhD)

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