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MPhil in Cultural Heritage and Territorial Development

The challenge of new development models affects traditional approaches to heritage and territory management and enhancement. An innovative and integrated approach needs a new generation” of professionals, more complete, more flexible, able to create and manage international networks, with new competences, a renewed sensitivity and leadership skills. With the MPhil in Cultural Heritage and Territorial Development, Portucalense University (UPT) intends to embrace this educational and scientific challenge by forming professionals who, independently of their original areas of knowledge, want to get professionally involved into the process of sustainable development through integrated tools and innovative strategies. The internationalisation of this MPhil allows the involvement of participants in a real global context in which students from different cultures can study and work together on their research tasks. In this way we want to promote, according to the guidelines of UNESCO and the United Nations, a spirit of global cooperation to build a future of peace by “thinking globally, acting locally”.


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More about the MPhil

The MPhil degree in Cultural Heritage and Territorial Development presents an innovative approach in terms of pedagogy. Components of education, scientific research and field of work are strongly intertwined, and an international environment is the frame of this joint effort for the personal development of each participant. These features allow participants the acquisition of important skills within the labour market.

This course provides its participants with training and acquisition of skills that will represent a great added value within the labour market. We guarantee to build a bright future for professionals who will build the bright future of the world.

The MPhil degree is preliminarily accredited by A3ES - Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (Portugal)



Isabel Freitas (ifc@upt.pt)


Career Opportunities

The training received through the program provides the possibility to integrate positions in the area of asset management, spatial planning and tourism, in the public sector (from the local level to the supranational development agencies) and also in the private sector. Additionally the scientific career is among the possible choices of those who will pursue this MPhil degree.


International approach

International students are welcome! They have a chance to participate in the MPhil program through a regular application (becoming regular students of UPT), or decide to choose this course for an experience of international mobility (ERASMUS +, in this case the candidates must be regularly registered in a MPHil degree in another European university). In both cases, UPT supports international students with personalized attention and care and giving all the necessary information about the city, accommodation, transport system, entertainment and leisure, etc.

An International Coordination Service purposely created for this matter will be fully at their service!

Eligibility to join the programme

Regular application submission could be done by Holders of Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent in related areas;


-  Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State acceding to this process;

-  Holders of a foreign academic Bachelor degree organized according to the principles of the Process by a country agreeing to the Bologna process in these or other related areas;

-  Holders of a foreign academic Bachelor degree in those areas or similar ones, which is recognized and meet the objectives of a “Licenciado degree” by the Scientific Board of the Portucalense University;

-  Holders of an academic, scientific or professional course recognized by the Scientific Board of the Portucalense University proving the capacity to attend the study programme;


Study Plan 


1st YEAR, 1st Semester

Methodology of Scientific Research (8 ECTS)

Political and Cultural Institutions (7 ECTS)

Cultural Planning and Cultural Industries (5 ECTS)

Sociology of Culture (5 ECTS)

Interpretation and Cultural Heritage Enhancement (5 ECTS)


1st YEAR, 2nd Semester

Cultural Programming (8 ECTS)

Cultural Tourism Products and Markets (7 ECTS)

Cultural Destinations and Cultural Attractions (7 ECTS)


2nd YEAR

Dissertation or Project (60 ECTS)



Vacancies: 15

Language: English

Duration: 4 semesters



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