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Message from the Head of Department

The Portucalense University Department of Tourism Heritage and Culture is alert with the professional challenges of today's world, looking for flexible and dynamic learning solutions in order to prepare their students for the constant changes in the tourism sector.

The broad outlines of department’s pedagogical guidance point to the development and improvement of scientific, research, entrepreneurial, social, innovation and teamwork skills, required for a full understanding of the reality of different jobs in tourism. Also encourages its students to a continuous dialogue with the Heritage and Tourism business environments, through themes of discussing forums concerning to humanity and its historical legacy. Our place is located between the past and the future in the discovery of ways to make a more sustainable world.
This department places the focus on tourism issues, cultural and natural heritage, management and risks of heritage, conservation and protection of the historical legacy and develops advanced research projects in Portugal. Ours national and international main goal partnerships aims to understand the tourism in the World, concerning about the humanity cultural heritage and promote discussions to find innovative solutions for the construction of a thinking space about the future generations legacy.
In order to realize its internationalization, the Department bothered to integrate teachers from several nations such as Italian, Spanish, Iranian, Cape Verdean, Brazilian and English. This international collaboration has attracted increasingly European students who have helped to achieve an open dialogue and international agreements. This is a trend which we will continue to explore.
The international space created inside the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is set in the town of Oporto and the Douro River (UNESCO heritage), a city that has won several tourism awards for the quality of its people and valuable heritage.

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