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Psychology and Education Department

Message from the Head of Department


In the Department of Psychology and Education at the University Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, we assume as necessary the systematic implementation, constant and methodical strategies to enable students in order to make them competent to accomplish the tasks proposed in context of functional teams, and use, an integrated perspective, active and meaningful learning scenarios in the fields of Psychology and Education.

The work done in the Department of Psychology and Education at the University Portucalense Infante D. Henrique is marked by synergy and strong investment in cooperative attitudes, achieved based on the high conviction that the media, sources and environmental obstacles have a positive relationship with academic adjustment. We work with, and for, our students!

We understand our plural training offer in the fields of psychology and education, to be based on proposals for shared construction processes of knowledge updated, relevant and with marked social and community interest, constantly favoring the relationships that each student in the Department of Psychology and Education, down with each other, and with their surrounding realities.


Promoting effective teaching - learning process in the perspective of promoting adjustment of attitudes to career from our students is our purpose.


Cristina Costa Lobo, HoD, MSc in Educational Psychology and PhD in Vocational Psychology


Bachelor Programmes

BSc in Psychology (not available in english)

MPhil Programmes

MPhil in Clinical and Health Psychology (not available in english)


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