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Psychology and Education Department

Message from the Head of Department


The Department of Psychology and Education is an organic unity of the Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique. As such, it intends to contribute to this institution’s global mission. Specifically, the mission of the Department of Psychology and Education is based on three pillars that are interconnected and reinforce each other.

The first pillar is training, at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, which is grounded on the principles of active and constructive learning that may be applied throughout life, and that allows for the response to societal needs and demands and to the legal regulations that are at the basis of the activities of psychologists and educators. In the upcoming academic year of 2018/19, the DPE will offer Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and in Social Education and Master’s degrees in Clinical and Health Psychology, in Educational Sciences with a specialization in Education and Socio-educational Intervention, and in Administration and Management of Education. It will also offer a range of initiatives of post-graduate training, with the aim of optimizing applied and specialized fields of knowledge. A list of the training provided by the DPE may be found here .

The second pillar has to do with the investment in fundamental and applied research within the basic areas of the DPE. We aim for this research to abide by the highest criteria of quality and recognition both at the national and the international level, so that it can also sustain an informed and grounded teaching based on the areas of expertise of researchers and teaching staff within our department. The DPE is in synergy with the Instituto de Desenvolvimento Humano Portucalense (http://inpp.upt.pt/), a research center that coordinates and articulates the production and dissemination initiatives on the part of our teaching staff and, whenever possible, in collaboration with our students.

The third pillar concerns the connection to the academic and non-academic community. The DPE provides a teaching-learning environment characterized by the creation of the necessary conditions for the success and full development of students and teaching staff. The DPE is also connected with the non-academic community, by providing services and establishing collaboration protocols that intend to respond, first of all, to the necessities of this community, but also to the learning and research necessities of the DPE. This department has several protocols already in place with public and private institutions, namely in what concerns curricular internships, and invests actively in their update and diversification.

It is within these dynamic, young and invested surroundings that the DPE welcomes new students and cooperation opportunities. As such, we welcome you!

Paula Vagos (PhD), Psychology and Education Department

Bachelor Programmes

BSc in Psychology (available in english)

MPhil Programmes

MPhil in Clinical and Health Psychology ( available in english)


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