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Erasmus Students: please refer to this page for the information that's relevant to you.

Cost of living


In collaboration with the world's leading courier services ( DHL , UPS, DPD , GLS ...), Eurosender has created a global service ( ), which provides fast and reliable baggage shipping for students, between countries in the European Union, up to 70% cheaper than directly with the couriers or with the post office.


UPT does not provide housing for foreign students. Before and upon student’s arrival, the IRO gives advice and helps in the search for accommodation. For the first days in Porto, it is recommended to book a room in a youth hostel:

Useful links for finding accommodation: Choose “Imóveis” and then “Quartos para arrendar”


Finding accommodation with the help of two former Erasmus students from Romenia, who now live and work in Porto:





Health services

European Card of health assistance: This document allows students from countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) to be assisted in case of sickness or personal accident, thus taking advantage of a wider coverage in terms of health care. This card, to be requested to the social security service of home country, is a proof that the student is registered in that social security service and allows him to take advantage of health services in Portugal. In this case, students will be asked to pay as much as national citizens under the same circumstances.


SMP students have to subscribe a scholar insurance prior to the beginning of their placement at Portuguese companies. This insurance will cover: Absolute temporary capacity for work due to accident or illness; Involuntary Unemployment; Hospitalization. When arriving at UPT, students must fill a declaration of adhesion and pay 25 Euros to be covered by the insurance.


National students from European Union (EU) countries, European Economic Area/EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland have the right to live in the national territory for a period up to 3 months without other conditions and/or formalities beyond having a valid identity card or passport. However, if their stay is longer than 3 months, they must formalize their right of residence within 30 days after the three-month stay in the country. For more information check the Foreigner’s Service (SEF – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras):

Course of Portuguese as Foreign Language


1st semester course: May to September;
2nd semester course: October to February

The course is divided into two independent semesters lasting 60 hours each (2 x 2hrs per week):

Levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
Students who successfully conclude the semester course will be awarded 4 ECTS credits.

 Course of Portuguese Culture

A course on Portuguese Culture (30h) is offered including lectures and visits to Porto’s heritage. Students will be awarded 2 ECTS.


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