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Erasmus Students: please refer to this page for the information that's relevant to you.

Who is Who

Academic Authorities

Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo
António Ferrão Filipe
Carlos Melo Brito


Head of Department

Tourism, Heritage and Culture Department (THCD)
Isabel Vaz de Freitas (PhD)


Psychology and Education Department(PED)
Paula Emanuel Rocha Martins Vagos (PhD)
Law  Department (LD)
Maria Manuela Magalhães Silva (PhD)

Economics, Management (EMG)
Shital Jayantilal (PhD)

Science and Technology (EMID)
Fernando Joaquim Lopes Moreira (PhD)

International Relations Office (IRO)

Susana Correia Silva - 351 225 572 134


Susana Carvalho - 351 225 572 130



Admission Office (AO)

Margaret Amorim



Phone: +351 225 572 222 / 23

Mobile: +351 969 773 967











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