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MPhil in Tourism and Hospitality

In a context of high competitiveness, the tourism sector must find ways to promote his differentiation from competitors. The dimensions of hospitality, here understood as both an economic activity and a cultural phenomenon, whose key elements refer to customer satisfaction, competitiveness and collaboration, design and improvement of services, management of the relationship between client-provider and management of hospitality services, are addressed in an integrated context on the basis of innovative teaching and learning methods.

More about the MPhil

The MPhil’s program promotes the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge that allow the tourism professional to undertake differentiating and innovative actions, actively contributing to increasing the quality and competitiveness of both the companies and the tourist destinations. This program will also contribute to expand the supply of postgraduate training in the emerging field of tourism and hospitality, with clear positive impacts on the regional and national economic system. A strong interaction with tourism companies and organizations will promote the integration of students through the development of applied research projects, an objective response to market needs. Students can choose, in the 2nd year of the MPhil, by the completion of a dissertation of more academic nature or an internship or project with more practical content.

The MPhil degree is accredited by A3ES - Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (Portugal)

20 application vacancies in total. 

4 semesters




Jorge Marques (


Career Opportunities

Destination management organizations and companies; Management of consulting and planning projects; Hospitality management; Events organization and management; Tourism professional associations; National guide-interpreter; Museums, Monuments and sites of National Heritage guide; Heritage management.

International approach

International students are welcome! They have a chance to participate in the MPhil program through a regular application (becoming regular students of UPT), or decide to choose this course for an experience of international mobility (ERASMUS +, in this case the candidates must be regularly registered in a MPhil’s degree in another European university). In both cases, UPT supports international students with personalized attention and care and giving all the necessary information about the city, accommodation, transport system, entertainment and leisure, etc.

An International Coordination Service purposely created for this matter will be fully at their service!


Eligibility to join the programme

Regular application submission could be done by Holders of Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent in related areas:

-  Holders of a foreign academic degree conferred following a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State acceding to this process;

-  Holders of a foreign academic Bachelor degree organized according to the principles of the Process by a country agreeing to the Bologna process in these or other related areas;

-  Holders of a foreign academic Bachelor degree in those areas or similar ones, which is recognized and meet the objectives of a “Licenciado degree” by the Scientific Board of the Portucalense University;

-  Holders of an academic, scientific or professional course recognized by the Scientific Board of the Portucalense University proving the capacity to attend the study programme.


Study Plan 


1st Year, 1st Semester

Course Unit


Heritage, Culture, Tourism and Hospitality 


Designing Projects in Tourism and Hospitality 


Hospitality and Tourism: Theoretical Approaches and Trends 


Research Methodology 


Option 5


1st Year, 2nd Semester

Course Unit


Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality 


Strategic marketing 


Operations in Tourism and Hospitality 


Planning and Strategy in Tourism and Leisure 


Practices in Events, Tourism and Hospitality  5

2 nd Year : Dissertation or Project (60 ECTS)


Language: English

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