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Bachelor in Tourism

Degree programme: BA Faculty: Tourism Heritage and Culture Department
Mode: Full-time Start in: September
Credits: 180 Duration: 3 years
Vacancies: 40  










The Bachelor Degree in Tourism adopts a modern approach, in keeping with the tourism industry. The course comprises core modules with optional modules to suit individual students’ requirements. Internship modules I and II give students valuable work experience with partners ranging from private companies to national, regional and local administration. The Promotion and Enhancement of Tourist Destinations and Innovation and Development of Tourist Products modules strengthen these links, developing students’ ability to innovate. The Development & Implementation of Tourism Projects module covers tourism planning, development analysis and project management.

The Bachelor degree preliminarily accredited by A3ES - Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (Portugal)

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Why choose this course?

The growing importance of tourism requires highly-educated specialists, who are able to respond to the challenges of this innovative sector with sustainable planning and development, and the conception and implementation of entrepreneurial projects. The teaching staff have strong links to the field of heritage and culture, and experience in tourism and regional development. As a result the course is practical and relevant, with some classes taught in tourism hot-spots.

Career prospects

The growing importance of tourism in the socio-economic level and employability requires technicians with top formation capable of responding to the challenges of a sector that seeks an innovative tourism a sustainable tourism planning and development and construction and operation of entrepreneurial projects.

- Creation of tourism itineraries; 

- Creation and development of new products;

- Market studies;

- Tourism promotion;

- Tourism operators and travel agencies;

- Tourism service companies;

- Theme parks and transportation companies;

- Central, regional and local government agencies connected to tourism, organization and event management companies and tourism animation companies;

- Transportation companies;

- Consultancies.

Postgraduate Programmes

Master in Cultural Heritage and Territorial Development  

Master in Tourism and HospitalityShort Master of Wine Culture and wine tourism


Admission requirements

·         Highschool or Bachelor level degree

·         Minimum English Proficiency level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: B2 – Independent - Vantage or upper intermediate

·         An interview (live or Skype)

Study Plan

1st year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Economy and Politics of Tourism 5
Geography of Tourism 5
Leisure and Free Time 5
Methods and Techniques of Tourism Research 6
Portuguese language laboratory 3
General Principles of Tourism 6

1st year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Accounting Applied to Tourism 5
Tourism in Rural and Urban Space 5
Markets and Products in Tourism 4
Art and Heritage 7
Statistics Applied to Tourism 6
Information and Knowledge Society 3

2nd year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Technical English I 5
Technical Spanish I (option) 5
Tourist Animation and Event Management 6
Sociology of Turism 5
Technical French I 5
Tourist Routes 5
Monuments and Sites 4

2nd year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Technical English II 5
Technical French II 5
Promotion and Development of Tourist Destinations 5
Transport and Accommodation Systems in Tourism 5
Technical Spanish II 5
Project and Consultancy in Tourism 4
Public Relations and Communication 6

3rd year, 1st semester


Course Unit


Training I 6
Marketing of Tourism Enterprises 5
Organization and Management of Tourism Enterprises 5
Entrepreneurship 5
Technical English III 4
Agencies and Tourism Operations Practices 5

3rd year, 2nd semester


Course Unit


Training II 6
Development and Implementation of Tourist Projects 5
Technical English IV 5
Development and Innovation of Tourist Products 5
Law and Ethics in Tourism 5
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism 4



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